Conscious Sedation

"Is it safe? Will it work for me? These are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding “Sedation Dentistry”. To help you and your loved ones decide if this is right for you, we’re going to answer these questions for you before you even have to ask. 

There is a choice of sedation medications that can be used. You and your doctor will review many factors like your individual medical history to choose which one is right for you. The historical safety of these medications gives us great confidence in using them. There is even a medication available to reverse the effects!

To ensure your safety, while you are medicated you are continually monitored for vital signs. Baseline readings are taken at your first visit so we know what is normal for you. 

The most common side effects of this sedation aid are dry mouth and hiccups. The hiccups usually last only a few moments while you are sedated and the dry mouth wears off with the medication."