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By Brenna Hamrick-Stotts, DDS, Inc.
January 15, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Contrary to popular belief, a root canal is not a frightening or anxiety-inducing procedure. In fact, a root canal is an important procedure root canalthat can save your tooth which would otherwise require extraction. Find out more about root canal therapy with Dr. Brenna Hamrick-Stotts at her practice in Redlands, CA.

Do I need a root canal? 
A root canal becomes necessary when the tooth’s pulp, which is found inside the tooth and made up of blood vessels and nerves, becomes inflamed or infected by decay. Eventually, the infection or inflammation causes a toothache, one of the most alarming and obvious signals that you may need a root canal. However, before this stage, you may notice that your tooth appears to have a hole in it called a cavity. Your tooth may also be broken or cracked and sensitive to heat or cold. In some cases, there are no outward signs that you may need a root canal.

How does a root canal work? 
This important dental procedure clears the infected or inflamed tissue from the tooth’s inner pulp chamber. The process ensures that the tooth’s outer structure remains intact, allowing the tooth to remain in its rightful place in the mouth without requiring extraction. This is important as a missing tooth can come with a slew of side effects, including shifting teeth, bone atrophy, and, of course, a gap in your smile.

Does a root canal hurt? 
Your dentist begins your root canal procedure by administering a local anesthetic to the area of the tooth. This means that you will feel no pain or discomfort during your procedure as the nerves surrounding the tooth are numbed by the anesthetic.

Root Canal Therapy in Redlands, CA
Your dentist may suggest a root canal even without outward symptoms or signs. In this case, a root canal may stop a toothache before it begins, clearing up decay which has almost reached the tooth’s pulp chamber and avoiding tooth pain altogether. Your dentist can help you determine if you need a root canal at a bi-annual routine dental examination.

For more information on root canal therapy, please contact Dr. Brenna Hamrick-Stotts at her practice in Redlands, CA. Call (909) 793-9711 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Hamrick-Stotts today!