Restore Your Smile With Veneers

By Brenna Hamrick-Stotts, DDS, Inc.
September 10, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: veneers   Damaged Teeth  

Dental VeneersThere's really nothing wrong with your smile--health-wise, that is. However, its appearance is another matter. Tobacco stains and a badly chipped tooth mar your smile aesthetics and your self-image, too. What can you do? Ask Dr. Brenna Hamrick-Stotts, your dentist in Redlands, CA if porcelain veneers could restore your smile. An expert in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Hamrick-Stotts places beautiful veneers to help her patients project confidence through a dazzling smile.

What porcelain veneers do

These thin, translucent shells of realistic dental ceramic disguise the front of teeth flawed by:

  • Stains which do not respond to professional whitening services
  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Uneven tooth length
  • Undersized or odd shape
  • Gaps
  • Crowding
  • Surface defects such as pits and grooves
  • Mild tooth rotation or tipping

Dr. Hamrick-Stotts examines teeth carefully and confers with her patients about their smile goals before she recommends covering selected teeth with veneers. She ensures patients understand that veneers change tooth surfaces permanently. In other words, once someone wears porcelain veneers, they always will because the dentist removes a thin slice of enamel from each tooth. Also, as you wait for your veneers to be made, you'll wear temporary ones so you can eat and smile normally.
The process
Your Redlands dentist's instructions, photos, oral impressions and X-ray imaging tell the dental lab exactly how to shape and color your veneers. The lab technician works off a specially constructed three-dimensional model of your mouth, ensuring accuracy in fit and bite.
When you return to Dr. Hamrick-Stotts for veneer placement, she'll remove the temporary ones and bond the new ones on your teeth. The special adhesive actually is tooth colored, and because veneers are translucent, the dentist can alter the shade as needed to blend in with surrounding teeth.
Caring for your new smile
If you brush twice a day, floss daily and see Dr. Hanrick-Stotts for semi-annual examinations and cleanings, you'll do well with your porcelain veneers. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry states that veneers do not stain as natural enamel can. However, they can chip and crack; so don't chew ice cubes or peanut brittle, and never use your teeth to open packaging or soda bottles. Overall, veneers can beautify your smile for ten years or even longer.
Look good and feel great
You can when your smile is enhanced by porcelain veneers from Dr. Brenna Hamrick-Stotts. For more information and to arrange a one-on-one consultation with your dentist, call the office today at (909) 793-9711.