Are dental crowns right for me?

By Brenna Hamrick-Stotts, DDS, Inc.
December 02, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Find out if you could restore your smile in only one dental visit.

We know that our Redlands, CA patients lead busy lives, which is why your dentist Dr. Brenna Hamrick-Stotts makes every effort to provide treatments that are as fast and efficient as possible. Find out how you can get some dental restorations in only one visit.Crowns

Q. What is CAD/CAM and how does my dentist use it for dental crowns?

A. CAD/CAM stands for computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing. While this might seem like quite the mouthful, it’s really quite simple. We use unique computer software to help us design the shape, color and overall look of your dental crown and then use computer technology to then mill the restoration. CAD/CAM technology can do everything from crowns and veneers to onlays and dental bridges.

Q. Do same-day restorations last as long as traditional crowns?

A. With advancements in CAD/CAM technology your dentist in Redlands, CA can now offer a dental crown or other dental restoration with a superior fit, that looks more like a natural tooth and is stronger than other CAD/CAM restorations in the past. Furthermore, these crowns are also less likely to fracture.

Q. What should I expect when I get my same-day crown in Redlands?

A. Once we’ve examined your tooth and determined that a same-day crown is the right choice, we will use a handheld digital camera to take photos of the tooth. This is much more pleasant than using messy molds to take impressions of your smile. These images are immediately uploaded to the computer where your general dentist in Redlands can start to design your crown based on the measurements taken from your digital impressions. You will also help us determine the right shade for your new tooth.

Once the crown has been designed our CAM technology will be hard at work milling and fabricating your new crown (this process only takes about 20 minutes). Once the crown is created we can go ahead and cement it onto the prepared tooth. The whole process takes about an hour to complete.

Q. Are same-day crowns right for everyone?

A. While we would love to be able to give all patients the opportunity to repair their smiles with same-day restorations, it isn’t right for everyone. By coming in for a consultation we will be able to determine whether this is the right option for you. Sometimes if the tooth has fractured below the gumline same-day crowns aren’t the best option.

Furthermore, even with vast improvements the materials used for CAD/CAM restorations still don’t offer the same aesthetic superiority as traditional crowns. You may think they don’t offer the same translucency or realism that other restorations do.

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